Videoconference rooms are displayed with the least expensive hourly rental rates first. All of the rooms displayed for your search fall into 2 types; Automated and Non-Automated. The Automated rooms maintain an online calendar that automatically calculates available time blocks, and can therefore be booked instantly. Please, click Here for additional information on availability issues.

Non-Automated rooms do NOT maintain their calendar on a regular basis. Availability information from these rooms is not reliable. Non-Automated rooms will require a phone call to determine if they are available on the Date and Time that you need them, and it may take up to 24 hours to confirm your reservation that includes Non-Automated room(s).

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  Country State City ISDN  IP  Hourly Rate Booking Type  
No Picture on File USA OH Cleveland  $ 150.00 Automated
  USA OH Cleveland $ 150.00 Non-Automated
  USA OH Cleveland  $ 175.00 Non-Automated
  USA OH Cleveland $ 200.00 Non-Automated
  USA OH Cleveland  $ 200.00 Non-Automated
  USA OH Cleveland  $ 200.00 Non-Automated

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